The potential of an organization and its individual human beings are limited by the challenges of the human condition, prompting them to seek peak performance and culture-enhancing tools to rise to the next level.

  • 71% are disengaged or lack motivation

  • 70% of leaders report they are unable to be attentive in meetings

  • 80% experience work-induced stress and don’t know how to manage it

  • less than 5% of a person’s day is spent in flow (if this increases to 15%, productivity would double)

  • 50% of how we experience the world is genetic, 40% is our perception and only 10% is what actually happens. This means we have a direct ability to influence the human system by understanding our internal space and perceptions more deeply

  • The majority of people lack emotional intelligence skills, which drives collaboration, resilience, leadership and perseverance

  • 4 trillion dollars is spent on ‘getting out of our heads’ (ie ¼ of the US economy is spent on changing our consciousness that no one is talking about)


A curated self-awareness toolbox to drive well-being, performance, leadership & a sustainable team culture.

The program teaches your team how to access their inner world to excel in their outer world.  The program offers the knowledge, tools, practice and support to enhance the whole person (from the Inside Out) by accessing the power of their mind and unleashing the emotional and intuitive parts of them.

The program is a radical and innovative awareness-based framework, rooted in the latest research in neuroscience, mindfulness training, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, a variety of modern philosophies, and altered state breathing practices.

Utilizing an experiential and micro learning approach, each module includes concept inquiries + practical tools to master the foundational disciplines and real exercises through experience and practice. Each module incorporates a sustainable approach by incorporating individual habit building and collective process development to support and impact behavior change.

Internal Beings will custom build each program with the partner organization and tailor it to meet the needs of the team. The program is secular and inclusive and supports the development of attitudes and actions that promote self-awareness, interpersonal attunement and life-long learning and contribution.

The foundational disciplines include:

  • Mindfulness: Research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that underpins the inner growth, self-awareness, self-management and emotional skills and develops people from the core

  • Emotional Intelligence: Studies prove that emotional awareness influences performance, wellbeing, resilience and interpersonal relationships

  • Neuroscience: Neuroscience shows that training our mind changes our brain and where we direct our attention determines the mental habits we form, the emotions we develop, and the results we experience

  • Positive Psychology: the scientific study of humans at their best and founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives

The 3 interrelated modules that build upon one another include:

SELF: Develop an awareness of the self which leads to shifts at the individual level and impact upon the collective

CONNECTION: Encourage collective flow & high team engagement through collaborative and positive relationships

IMPACT: Create opportunities for your team to be their best self by uncovering and living into what is true for them


Doing the inner work has proven to my clients they can feel better, be happier and operate at a higher level in their world. Enhance a team building day, improve office culture or offer an organizational HR perk with this personal development training that will provide sustaining impact to them and your company culture.

The program serves to enhance well-being by encouraging development of the whole person, accessing the power of the mind and unleashing the emotional, spiritual and intuitive parts of us (ie turn us Inside Out).  By integrating such practices into daily life, my work has shown an improvement in the ability to manage stress, an increase in focus and attention, an improvement in emotional resilience, an improvement of interpersonal relationships, and more experiences with presence, happiness and joy.

By participating in this program, your team will:

  • Build the capacity to manage stress & respond rather than react

  • Gain an increase in focus & problem solving skills by changing brain matter related to cognitive functioning

  • Develop greater resilience through an ability to bounce back & forward

  • Improve team communication & collaboration by enhancing capacity for compassion & developing listening skills

  • Access flow more easily leading to creative & innovative mind states

  • Train their thoughts & self-talk to be loving, positive, productive

  • Experience general happiness & fulfillment in the day by working with purpose & intention, engaging in the present and developing a natural sense of joy