I begin each day with intention…

Those that know me would define me in various ways and agree I have many roles in this life. Most notably, I was a Division 1 college gymnast and have worked for a number of high-performing organizations. But I also have an influential spiritual practice as a result of a deep self-discovery through meditation and inquiry.  I live an active, social and full life in my external world, but have also established a grounding internal world where I go to reset, retreat and connect.  We can have both.

It has taken me 15 years of introspection, curiosity, self-inquiry, an open mind, experiential lessons and setbacks, philosophical and scientific study and meditation practice to get to the root of me.  And through my discovery and self-attunement, I am getting to my core.  I am learning how to access my true potential, how to embody authentic relationships and how to identify what true happiness looks like in my life. The process has been malleable and continuous, driven by my own evolution and metamorphose through time, life stages and experiences.

I am empowered and humbled by the experiences I have had in my life, and can now hear - amidst the noise, fear, depression and chaos - the quiet inner voice that has guided me along is louder than ever.  

My journey began as a student of the Vipassana Meditation tradition, but is also influenced by ongoing study across neuroscience, eastern philosophy, emotional and spiritual intelligence competencies, subconscious mind-training, mindfulness, positive mindset and happiness. I am trained in and influenced by Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat Zinn, Silva Life System and Baron Baptiste, and have a BA and MA in International Relations.  However my most humbling teachers are my kids and the journey of being a parent.  

I am a teacher, speaker and thought-leader on topics related to the mind and spiritual journey, and specialize in working with organizations, schools, parents and individuals interested in awareness and mind training.  I use meditation and mind training as tools to encourage self-understanding, deepen interpersonal relationships, achieve a specific personal or professional goal and encourage social impact.  I have had the opportunity to gain insight into the mindsets of a wide variety of individuals through my work with organizations such as HSBC, IPG Media Brands, Avenues World School, Teach For All, NYC Department of Education School System, Bija Kids, and The Light & Leadership Initiative.

My approach combines philosophy and science, offering a perspective of theory and practicality, as it relates to real life.  As such, my offerings stem from an intersection of academic and contemplative studies, meditation and mindfulness fundamentals and ongoing research across neuroscience, mind training, eastern philosophy, human intelligence competencies and happiness. 

I am logical yet contemplative.  I am intense and fierce, but soft and introspective.  My journey has led me to combine all of these qualities to be able to show up with my whole self.  I can now recognize the impact this process has had on uncovering my truth and am here to share and teach it to those who are willing and open.  

I share and guide from the wisdom I have learned.  Join me in your own journey…